~ 11.6 HBL that can

 This time, we will introduce that can be a well-know not HBL

  1.  Homebrew
  2.  Remodeling game

  3. Blotting data

 Turning on to the HBL'd examined by myself


1. Homebrew

 Sonomanma homebrew software. Data modification system and, there is a convenient system.


Recommended site

  1.  3dbrew basic here is enough


  2.  This memo yyoossk's blog of yyoossk

    Http://Yyoossk.Blogspot.Jp/2017/01/3ds.H Tml


2. Remodeling game

 Retro games such as


  1. same as 3dbrew ↑



3. Blotting data

  You can pull out the game data. And then modify the data on a PC.


  1.savemanager data extraction (download at the click will begin)



that's all.

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