[Image Yes "oot3dhax" 3DSver11.6 HBL introduction methot

This time, 3DS will introduce the HBL method of introducing in oot3dhax of ver11.6

Things necessary

  1. 3DS [~11.6] 
  2. SD card
  3. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  4. 3DSSaveEditor


Download what you need: 1.


 HBL11.6 of payload


 [Rename the downloaded "POST5 ... .bin" to "otherapp.bin"]

Rename the downloaded POST5 ... .bin to otherapp.bin

 starter kit [↑ of the site of the download from the place with a red frame]


 oot3dhax payload 





2. When remodeling the Oka


 Make the data for saveeditor in 1.oot3dhax_maketool 

  To read the 1.haxpayloads

  2. Select the version [c2fe0090 and 45fe0090 choose the c2fe0090]

  3. The created file placed in a place of files in the backup data of saveeditor


 Start the 2.saveeditor to back up select "HBL start-up" of backup


3. Put the file of HBL to the SD card 


 The root of the 1.SD card of Starter.Zip [ 3Ds ] and put the file of [boot.3dsx]


4. HBL start


 1. 3DS launch the Oka during the return the SD card in

 2. load the data because there is a save data of unusual name

 3. HBL is activated by pressing the [equipment]

  (In the case does not start oot3dhax_maketool in favor of the version of 45fe0090

  Start over from there)


5. Enjoy the fun remodeling life


 Nari play your own game, try as you like Nari to introduce the CFW